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At Henkan, we have extensive experience in the application of the following Continuous Improvement (CI) tools:

Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)

The full scope of TPM application in accordance with JIPM methodology through our accredited instructors.

World Class Manufacturing (WCM)

Comprehensive understanding and application of WCM, aligned to the Professor Yamashina model.


Wide ranging application of the Lean philosophy based upon the Toyota Production System (TPS) across manufacturing, supply chain and transactional processes.

The Intelligent Blend

Our expertise in these three traditional areas enables us to blend the application of each, to satisfy the specific needs of our clients.

For example, robust application of TPM within an existing Lean programme, or the application of Lean tools within a TPM/WCM programme.

Our Intelligent Blend also calls upon the use of Six Sigma tools in a selective and appropriate manner.

“Jean has been in charge of Business Transformation and Continuous Improvement for 4 years in France and 2 years in the same time for Iberia (Spain and Portugal), for Philips global then Philips Lighting. During this period, he has achieved great training results, by certifying almost 500 people on Lean Basics, 10 managers on Lean Advanced (Green Belt level).

In addition, he has led 3 successful international training sessions of Daily Management in France, Iberia and Italy (70 persons including Iberia MT’s and France’s and Italy’s Supply Chain managers). His training and coaching skills have been unanimously recognised, reaching a great satisfaction level from trainees ( No Net Promoter Score (NPS) lower than 50%, with 4 sessions over 80%.).

Jean has also successfully led many lean transformations, including a Customer Kaizen Event for Rexel France, that involved the entire management teams of both Philips Lighting and Rexel France. Within 6 months, thanks to an improved Rexel/Philips collaborative planning, he managed to increase forecast accuracy from 60% to 76%, to reduce level of stock obsolescence from 55 days to 32 days,  to drop obsolescence stock from 67K€ to < 30k€, to secure an additional revenue of 5M€ in 2016.

Jean is a passionate, challenging and delivery focused  lean leader and trainer. I believe he would be a great asset to any team or organisation implementing the lean philosophy and therefore  I highly recommend him in his new role as leader of Henkan France.”

Stefanie Sperber - Lean Master Black Belt

Transformation team, Market Group Europ Signify (Philips Lighting)


We are continuous improvement consultants who possess the necessary cultural insight, soft skills and business acumen required to work in a global environment.

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