Jean Dalmas

Senior Consultant - France


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For 30 years, I have gained experience in an international environment multicultural large multinational groups, especially in the sector of High-tech products and services, Applying the principles of the transformation of The economic Environment.

The discovery of the magic of continuous improvement has been a revelation to me, especially in how to integrate and align collaborators with strategic intentions and make each of their day easier. Although I am committed to all aspects of continuous improvement at Henkan France, I have a speciality in transactional processes such as sales, management and sales administration, Finance, human resources, Data Management and the Supply Chain.

My sales experience allows me to correlate with the practical aspects of continuous improvement, especially making the problems visible in transactional environments, concentrating on the “Client’s voice”. I am really proud of the transformation projects that I have carried out, for which we have achieved the expectations and Business requirements of our customers, involving the project teams in continuous improvement and sustainable performance.

The creation of Henkan France is in the continuity of my convictions and my mission to grow the Collaborators. I also firmly believe in the values of Henkan, which combine energy, empathy and expertise, which motivates me to respect people but to be firm in the situations and problems they encounter.

As a Frenchman who grew up in international contexts, I am passionate about cultures and different environments. So my three great children have all studied and worked abroad. I like to play golf with friends and make them discover Lyon, the world capital of Gastronomy.
finally, I particularly like to refresh my mind and think of new innovations when I walk my dog hunting around my little Mas surrounded by vineyards in the cevennes, near Nîmes.

“Jean has been in charge of Business Transformation and Continuous Improvement for 4 years in France and 2 years in the same time for Iberia (Spain and Portugal), for Philips global then Philips Lighting. During this period, he has achieved great training results, by certifying almost 500 people on Lean Basics, 10 managers on Lean Advanced (Green Belt level).

In addition, he has led 3 successful international training sessions of Daily Management in France, Iberia and Italy (70 persons including Iberia MT’s and France’s and Italy’s Supply Chain managers). His training and coaching skills have been unanimously recognised, reaching a great satisfaction level from trainees ( No Net Promoter Score (NPS) lower than 50%, with 4 sessions over 80%.).

Jean has also successfully led many lean transformations, including a Customer Kaizen Event for Rexel France, that involved the entire management teams of both Philips Lighting and Rexel France. Within 6 months, thanks to an improved Rexel/Philips collaborative planning, he managed to increase forecast accuracy from 60% to 76%, to reduce level of stock obsolescence from 55 days to 32 days,  to drop obsolescence stock from 67K€ to < 30k€, to secure an additional revenue of 5M€ in 2016.

Jean is a passionate, challenging and delivery focused  lean leader and trainer. I believe he would be a great asset to any team or organisation implementing the lean philosophy and therefore  I highly recommend him in his new role as leader of Henkan France.”

Stefanie Sperber - Lean Master Black Belt

Transformation team, Market Group Europ Signify (Philips Lighting)


We are continuous improvement consultants who possess the necessary cultural insight, soft skills and business acumen required to work in a global environment.

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